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Different situations and how to handle them after an accident as per law

Now that an accident has occurred and you are passing through some unprecedented situation, you need to have knowledge about the rules and regulations for the accidents and the claims and compensation policy.

Way of communication after accident

  1. When you have faced an accident, you or the party both have rights to contact each other, inform the police and the insurance company. To avoid accident and for road safety visit academyofroadsafety.com.au
  2. There should not be any kind of impolite communication between the two parties or anyone of you can go to the police. Communication should also not be that frequent that it leads to harassment.
  3. Communication in written format is always a good policy. Keep a record of all written communications. Keep copies of the document, you send them and maintain records of the documents, and you receive from them.

Accident situations

Supervise a Learner and insurance compensation

  1. If you are supervising a learner and meet an accident, then the insurance company will consider the claim only when he is supervised by a fully approved licence holder.
  2. Still, you need to cross check with your own insurance company about your own insurance terms and conditions. And if you learn best and easy way to driving then visit onroad driving school penrith.

Escaping from paying extra amount after a claim

Sorry, dear friend. It is part and parcel of all every insurance company. The moment you buy an insurance, you are bound to pay excess amount, when you make a claim.

Received a letter of demand

When you have had an accident and you received a letter of demand from the other party, all you need is to take action.

  • A party, who is sending letters of demand is bound to ask only for the reasonable amount and they have to prove the expense they claimed.
  • Either you have to inform your insurance company, if you are making the claim to the insurance company.
  • If you feel that you are not responsible then you can draft a reply to the letter of demand.
  • Letter of demand can be written in a way, stating that the quoted amount is not reasonable and you can tell them whichever amount you feel is reasonable.
  • You should also mention a date by which you need the reply
  • Also drop your contact number on it, so that the other party can contact you.
  • Always take a legal advice before drafting a letter of demand.

Way of communication after accident

Under 18 accident and payment of damage amount

If an under 18 has caused a damage then by rule payment is to be made. Now the parents can check if they have covered the Teen in their policy for payment of compensation.

If you have faced an accident and the other party is not disclosing their details it is totally against the law. You can always take a snap of the number plate of the car and get the details from NSW roads and Maritime services. Know more for ACW school holidays in Australia.

Learner drivers are covered in insurance policies if they have a full approved licence holder as a supervisor. Still check with your insurance company.


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