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Blind spots while driving

One day while driving I realized that somehow I am not able to see certain area. The area that took my attention was the steel panel between the side door and front glass. I had to move back and forth to adjust my vision. This incident took me to study forward about the blind spots in driving.

A blind spot is termed as an area around the vehicle that cannot be observed by the driver. It is said that the blind spots exist in most of the vehicles. It is an area that is masked by parts of the car’s structure. The blind spots can be eliminated by proper adjustment of mirrors and use of some other technical solutions.

Driver Visibility

It is termed as the maximum distance at which the driver of the vehicle is able to recognize the objects around the vehicle. Some of the factors that influence visibility are weather conditions, design of the vehicle like best taxi sign, etc.

Blind spots

Possibilities of reduced visibility

The pillars, headrests, cargo, passengers tend to reduce the visibility of the driver. It may also occur in the front of the driver when the side view and rear view mirror block the driver’s view of the road.

How to identify blind spots

Every driving instructor will insist on the seriousness of blind spots during the driving lessons. After sitting in the driving seat, you can see the front and rear mirrors for identifying the front and back positions. But for some areas in the car that need special attention. These are termed as blind spots. Also take advanced driver training from the best driving school.

How to manage blind spots

It will be difficult to understand the concept of blind spots, till you spend time behind the wheel of the car. It is necessary to perform a shoulder-check during the change of lanes. Try having a friend who can identify and help you with the required exercise. Some of the vehicles may be equipped with backup sensors that helps in identifying objects behind a vehicle, but not visible in the rearview mirror. Some of the carmakers offer blind spot detection systems for the side mirrors in the car. They even employ cameras and radar scanning system for the adjoining lanes.

Factors involved in avoiding blind spots

1) The position of the mirrors

2) Don’t rely on mirrors

3) Proper positioning of driver’s seat

4) Size specifications of the vehicle

5) Speed of other vehicles on the road

Blind Spot Accident Prevention

The blind spot accidents are prevented by using several advanced methods for looking around the vehicle. Some of the methods of blind spot accident prevention are proper adjusting of side and rear view mirrors. Avoiding accident first of all well trained from the best driving school like Penrith driving school Sydney. Use of specialized mirrors like convex and blind spot will help in blind spot accident prevention.

Convex Mirrors:

These types of mirrors are mainly used to provide better visibility around the car by simply replacing the standard side view mirrors.

Manage blind spots

Blind Spot Mirrors:

These types of mirrors are placed on the normal mirror with an adhesive added to it.

Motorists should be aware of the risk behind driving in another vehicle’s blind spot. They should be cautious on multi lane roads where the crashes are likely to occur.

Backing up:

One should always remember that the parked vehicles can also have blind areas. In the parking area, children would often play and before you start the vehicle, take a quick turn around the vehicle. You should ensure that nothing is in the front or the back of the vehicle.


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