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Penalties and Driving Rules

Everyone desires to drive their newly bought vehicle on the smooth roads of Australia. From decades the rash driving had been a matter of serious concern in Australia where crazy drivers break the rules with roaring engines throttling on the roads.

Statistics of accidents in Australia

According to a survey done in Australia most of the accident cases were reported when people drive feeling tired. Around 71% of people are the victim of speed crash, 72% were found in car accidents and 50% cross red lights. Among the major capital cities of Australia, Adelaide and Perth have 90% of drivers exposed to road rage, Melbourne with 87% and Sydney with 84%. In roof sign there are many types of signs available like stationary signs and many more.

Penalties and Driving Rules

Rash driving and rules in Australia

Some drivers are found running their vehicles without license and qualification which lead to heavy penalty for the offence and the license is disqualified for three to six months. Driving rashly and recklessly by putting life at risk has increased the rate of penalties. One can be inculpated with a criminal offence which will lead to imprisonment.

Rash driving leads to fine and disqualification of license as per the offence done. It includes the penalties from $150 to $5000 dollars, depending on the destruction and loss done.

Drink and Drive Rules

Another matter of concern is drink and driving. It is where the penalty is charged on the basis of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in your body. If you are found with 0.05% of alcohol in your body the infringement and penalty are $250 and $500. It includes safe driving course when weakened with drugs lead to heavy penalties. Refusing breath tests and causing problems in the operation lead to prior offence with penalty of $3300 to $5000 dollars. The provisional license will be cancelled and you will not be able to obtain another license.

Vehicle stunts and accidents

The penalty for causing undue smoke and stunts at public places is charged with minimum penalty of $1000 dollars, when the probability of hitting the public is high. It accumulates more demerit points in you license.

Driving Rules

The demerit point system maintains a record of your offences done while driving. If you repeatedly get demerit points and you ticks up to 12, then there is a chance that your license will be disqualified and you will never be able to drive.

Driving without licence

Driving without qualification and license is considered against the law of authority and leads to imprisonment for years. Driving schools Parramatta is the best learning school in Sydney. You need to have all the tests passed for a valid license by authority. Driving under suspension of license leads to penalty charges from $200 to $1500. It’s been found that Australian government spends around $235 million over fatal crashes due to driving.


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