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Number Plate Exchanges

It is allowed to exchange number plates between the vehicles in Australia. You can exchange your number plate with your family, friends, a company, deceased, or employee. The exchange of a number plate is possible between the same types of vehicles, i.e. if it is a car then both vehicles should be a car. Both the vehicles should be registered. There are different corporate driver program and If you are exchanging number plates for some special number, then you must read the applicable terms and conditions to it. There are different set of rules for personalized plates and number only plates.

Number Plate Exchanges

Requirements for number plate exchange

There are certain requirements to be fulfilled before applying for number plate exchange, so be prepared with everything first and then visit service center. Also various driving School Signs available.

· Identity proof for both vehicle owners

· Registration certificate for both vehicles

· Details of both vehicle owners who are exchanging number plates and complete transfer/exchange form

· If an exchange is between a company and an employee then an authorization certificate from the company.

· If two companies are exchanging that both of them should issue a letter of authorization.

· If a deceased is involved, then a copy of the will or the order of the court is required.

Procedure for number plate exchange

Australian road and maritime board has simplified all processes, but still you need to know and follow the guidelines to get the desired number plate exchange.

· Transfer/Exchange number plate PDF form download online.

· Print and fill entire details of the form.

· Collect all documents as mentioned in the form.

· You have to visit a service center and submit your application.

Eligibility for number plate exchange

You have to check for eligibility criteria for number plate exchange on the official website of road and maritime services in Australia.

Corporate Driver Program

Payment Method for plate exchange

For number plate exchange, you have to make payments

· If you are transacting online or through phone banking then debit or credit card is accepted.

If you are reaching the service center and making payment by self then there are several options.

· Australian currency in cash

· Banking, personal and agency drawn Cheque.

· Money order

· Debit or Credit card (transaction fees of intermediary credit/debit card services may be applicable)

· Inquire prior for American Express card

For other details and queries you can always put in a comment or contact us. . Driving school in enfield is the best place for the learning driving. Visiting road and maritime online website is the solution to all questions while staying in Australia.


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