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Car breakdown and self-maintenance

It is not necessary that everyone knows what to do exactly when their car breaks down. Many of them would simply sit back and call for help. But this situation can surely be avoided with a little pre-planning to ensure that you are not left stranded alone in the dark. It is very much necessary to have a basic idea of car maintenance or proper pre-preparation to keep yourself and family safe.

Like any other life incident, pre-planning and preparation is the key point. Car’s breakdown can be frustrating and scary, specifically if you are travelling along with young kids; however, you can do a little planning to make sure that you are not stranded in the dark.

Planning before the travel:

Before you set out to travel for a long journey or on a night journey, ensure that the basic maintenance on your car is updated. Check the water as well as oil on a regular basis. Also check the who provided Corporate Training. Ideally the stride should be 3mm, but the legal minimum is 1.6mm. Keep a car maintenance guide in your vehicle and known your dipstick from the drive shaft. Basic maintenance checks are very straightforward and simple in nature. On the other hand, avoiding to take a look underneath your car’s bonnet can ultimately lead you in a lot of problems.

Car breakdown and self-maintenance

There are also some extra checks in case of cold weather, which can be helpful in preventing a breakdown situation.

Go here if you ensure that you always have a packed breakdown requirements in the boot, which are season specific, however, do not over pack things that are not very important.

Essentials that you must include in your car at all times:

· If you are carrying a pregnant lady, always carry the details of your hospital and the hospital route as well, along with the contact details of the antenatal unit

Car maintenance

· A hovel if you have room

· De-icier, ice scraper or anti-freeze

· A red warning triangle

· Spare batteries along with a torch

· Food that is non-perishable, such as chocolate or sweets. Carry pre-prepared bottles of formula milk and plenty of bottled water if you are travelling with a baby

· A first aid kit

· Sun cream and sun hats

· Blankets

· A reflective jacket for night and fluorescent jacket for daytime

· Gloves and scarves and also rainproof and warm clothes

One of the most essential things in car repair is to have a car tool kit with you, ensure that you carry the tool kit with you at all times. If you wondering for learning driving then visit Hoxton Park driving school. Along with the car tool kit and a maintenance manual or guide you can efficiently repair your car, and if you need some assistance you can take help of nearby people or all your friends for help. Also, before you start your journey, make it certain that your breakdown cover is renewed. If your cover has crossed its expiry date then renew the existing policy.


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