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Cheap interest rates have boosted luxury car sales

With the soaring high rates of houses, real estate market actually needs a lot of thought. Along with this, interest rates have gone down to a record breaking new low. This means it has become easier to purchase a car compared to anything else.

So now that you have already purchased a car 4 years ago and about to reach the end of the lease, then you are on the verge of receiving a good surprise.

The Ford or Holden you rented four years back could now get you into something with an extravagance identification with the monthly basis of repayments.

Majority people have good investments in homes so having a better position today compared to 4 years ago. This situation has given rise to better reliability of the people, which leads to easy approval of loans. The more your assets are, the more amount of loan can be approved. So, now is the time to get a bigger sum of money approved from the banks and need Safer Driving school Parramatta. Because of the lower interest rates, it comes out to be more investment in actual car rate. It directly implies to purchase of a higher range of cars.

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Some of the leading car vendors have agreed that because of the boost in the economy and lower interest rates, there has been a clear hike in the purchase of luxury cars this year.

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Sale of new cars has also increased by 2.5 percent. But the real winner, the trustable car of luxury brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes are enjoying the benefit of double digit sell growth. The Mercedes sell rate has increased by 19%, the highest of the 3 leaders. Audi selling rate has increased by 16 and BMW by 13%.

Because of the low interest rates, people are not taking advantage of the government tax break slab of $20,000 and actually going to purchase of higher range of car models. So the tax slab and depreciation advantage are not affected, when it comes to purchase of luxury brands. The real top brands such Ferrari, Lamborghini have recorded a recording breaking sell for the year.

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Some people are claiming that financial year end discounts are not that edgy to effect the idea of purchasing luxury brands. Even without the year end discount, the demand is all time high.

So now if you are planning to purchase a car and your budget is decent enough, you can choose advanced driver training for luxury brand car.

Even the interest rates have turned out to be beneficial for the people, who have never hoped to have one. If it has boosted sales of high end brands, just not so good financial condition people can also opt for model below $20000 to fulfill their desire of owning a car.


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