Different situations and how to handle them after an accident as per law

Now that an accident has occurred and you are passing through some unprecedented situation, you need to have knowledge about the rules and regulations for the accidents and the claims and compensation policy.

Way of communication after accident

  1. When you have faced an accident, you or the party both have rights to contact each other, inform the police and the insurance company. To avoid accident and for road safety visit academyofroadsafety.com.au
  2. There should not be any kind of impolite communication between the two parties or anyone of you can go to the police. Communication should also not be that frequent that it leads to harassment.
  3. Communication in written format is always a good policy. Keep a record of all written communications. Keep copies of the document, you send them and maintain records of the documents, and you receive from them.

Accident situations

Supervise a Learner and insurance compensation

  1. If you are supervising a learner and meet an accident, then the insurance company will consider the claim only when he is supervised by a fully approved licence holder.
  2. Still, you need to cross check with your own insurance company about your own insurance terms and conditions. And if you learn best and easy way to driving then visit onroad driving school penrith.

Escaping from paying extra amount after a claim

Sorry, dear friend. It is part and parcel of all every insurance company. The moment you buy an insurance, you are bound to pay excess amount, when you make a claim.

Received a letter of demand

When you have had an accident and you received a letter of demand from the other party, all you need is to take action.

  • A party, who is sending letters of demand is bound to ask only for the reasonable amount and they have to prove the expense they claimed.
  • Either you have to inform your insurance company, if you are making the claim to the insurance company.
  • If you feel that you are not responsible then you can draft a reply to the letter of demand.
  • Letter of demand can be written in a way, stating that the quoted amount is not reasonable and you can tell them whichever amount you feel is reasonable.
  • You should also mention a date by which you need the reply
  • Also drop your contact number on it, so that the other party can contact you.
  • Always take a legal advice before drafting a letter of demand.

Way of communication after accident

Under 18 accident and payment of damage amount

If an under 18 has caused a damage then by rule payment is to be made. Now the parents can check if they have covered the Teen in their policy for payment of compensation.

If you have faced an accident and the other party is not disclosing their details it is totally against the law. You can always take a snap of the number plate of the car and get the details from NSW roads and Maritime services. Know more for ACW school holidays in Australia.

Learner drivers are covered in insurance policies if they have a full approved licence holder as a supervisor. Still check with your insurance company.

Insurance and Property damage in an accident

Accident is a very dreadful thing and we pray that everyone stays safe and healthy. Life is much more about pros and cons. Having an update of the policies and terms is a good thing for every citizen. Damage to the person is covered in claims. Same way, vehicles and other properties are also covered in an accident under the claim policy.

Car is damaged and the owner is not at fault.

For compensation of the damage to your car, you need to have an insurance first.

Insurance and Property damage in an accident

Once you have an insurance, you need to know all these points. Also if you want to learn driving then go to penrith city driving school, it is the best school for driving.

Property damage in an accident

  1. You need to inform your insurance company. Always make a point of considering the amount of the claim. This means that if your claim amount is not exceeding your No Claim bonus, then it is better to take No Claim Bonus.
  2. In this case, you will save on time of the procedure for claiming and just get the things repaired by paying yourself and finally taking a minus in premium payment as no claim bonus.
  3. You can ask the other driver to pay for your damage. You can send a letter of demand. For opting for this option, get a legal advice first. In case the other party defers from the payment, then taking them to the court is also the option available to you. So remember corporate driver training lesson is very important for this issue.
  4. Keep the name and address of the other party involved in the accident. You can take the details of the place, where the accident happened. If you haven’t taken the details, you can take it through Road and Maritime Services by giving details of the number plate.
  5. You have to prove that the accident was because of the fault of the other party.
  6. You have to produce the quote of the repair including the parts and labor charges. Ideally, you should take more than one quote to be on a safer side. The lowest quote will considered for the compensation.
  7. There are many factors that you need to consider before suing anyone. You can contact a financial service, who can make settlement between two of you if your claim amount is less than $3000.
  8. For the condition, when you don’t have an insurance, your ultimate alternative is getting the other driver pay you. This is possible only by sending a letter of demand. The company will make a settlement between you and the insurer of the other driver. In this way, you will get your due and will be out of legal formalities.

Blind spots while driving

One day while driving I realized that somehow I am not able to see certain area. The area that took my attention was the steel panel between the side door and front glass. I had to move back and forth to adjust my vision. This incident took me to study forward about the blind spots in driving.

A blind spot is termed as an area around the vehicle that cannot be observed by the driver. It is said that the blind spots exist in most of the vehicles. It is an area that is masked by parts of the car’s structure. The blind spots can be eliminated by proper adjustment of mirrors and use of some other technical solutions.

Driver Visibility

It is termed as the maximum distance at which the driver of the vehicle is able to recognize the objects around the vehicle. Some of the factors that influence visibility are weather conditions, design of the vehicle like best taxi sign, etc.

Blind spots

Possibilities of reduced visibility

The pillars, headrests, cargo, passengers tend to reduce the visibility of the driver. It may also occur in the front of the driver when the side view and rear view mirror block the driver’s view of the road.

How to identify blind spots

Every driving instructor will insist on the seriousness of blind spots during the driving lessons. After sitting in the driving seat, you can see the front and rear mirrors for identifying the front and back positions. But for some areas in the car that need special attention. These are termed as blind spots. Also take advanced driver training from the best driving school.

How to manage blind spots

It will be difficult to understand the concept of blind spots, till you spend time behind the wheel of the car. It is necessary to perform a shoulder-check during the change of lanes. Try having a friend who can identify and help you with the required exercise. Some of the vehicles may be equipped with backup sensors that helps in identifying objects behind a vehicle, but not visible in the rearview mirror. Some of the carmakers offer blind spot detection systems for the side mirrors in the car. They even employ cameras and radar scanning system for the adjoining lanes.

Factors involved in avoiding blind spots

1) The position of the mirrors

2) Don’t rely on mirrors

3) Proper positioning of driver’s seat

4) Size specifications of the vehicle

5) Speed of other vehicles on the road

Blind Spot Accident Prevention

The blind spot accidents are prevented by using several advanced methods for looking around the vehicle. Some of the methods of blind spot accident prevention are proper adjusting of side and rear view mirrors. Avoiding accident first of all well trained from the best driving school like Penrith driving school Sydney. Use of specialized mirrors like convex and blind spot will help in blind spot accident prevention.

Convex Mirrors:

These types of mirrors are mainly used to provide better visibility around the car by simply replacing the standard side view mirrors.

Manage blind spots

Blind Spot Mirrors:

These types of mirrors are placed on the normal mirror with an adhesive added to it.

Motorists should be aware of the risk behind driving in another vehicle’s blind spot. They should be cautious on multi lane roads where the crashes are likely to occur.

Backing up:

One should always remember that the parked vehicles can also have blind areas. In the parking area, children would often play and before you start the vehicle, take a quick turn around the vehicle. You should ensure that nothing is in the front or the back of the vehicle.

Penalties and Driving Rules

Everyone desires to drive their newly bought vehicle on the smooth roads of Australia. From decades the rash driving had been a matter of serious concern in Australia where crazy drivers break the rules with roaring engines throttling on the roads.

Statistics of accidents in Australia

According to a survey done in Australia most of the accident cases were reported when people drive feeling tired. Around 71% of people are the victim of speed crash, 72% were found in car accidents and 50% cross red lights. Among the major capital cities of Australia, Adelaide and Perth have 90% of drivers exposed to road rage, Melbourne with 87% and Sydney with 84%. In roof sign there are many types of signs available like stationary signs and many more.

Penalties and Driving Rules

Rash driving and rules in Australia

Some drivers are found running their vehicles without license and qualification which lead to heavy penalty for the offence and the license is disqualified for three to six months. Driving rashly and recklessly by putting life at risk has increased the rate of penalties. One can be inculpated with a criminal offence which will lead to imprisonment.

Rash driving leads to fine and disqualification of license as per the offence done. It includes the penalties from $150 to $5000 dollars, depending on the destruction and loss done.

Drink and Drive Rules

Another matter of concern is drink and driving. It is where the penalty is charged on the basis of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in your body. If you are found with 0.05% of alcohol in your body the infringement and penalty are $250 and $500. It includes safe driving course when weakened with drugs lead to heavy penalties. Refusing breath tests and causing problems in the operation lead to prior offence with penalty of $3300 to $5000 dollars. The provisional license will be cancelled and you will not be able to obtain another license.

Vehicle stunts and accidents

The penalty for causing undue smoke and stunts at public places is charged with minimum penalty of $1000 dollars, when the probability of hitting the public is high. It accumulates more demerit points in you license.

Driving Rules

The demerit point system maintains a record of your offences done while driving. If you repeatedly get demerit points and you ticks up to 12, then there is a chance that your license will be disqualified and you will never be able to drive.

Driving without licence

Driving without qualification and license is considered against the law of authority and leads to imprisonment for years. Driving schools Parramatta is the best learning school in Sydney. You need to have all the tests passed for a valid license by authority. Driving under suspension of license leads to penalty charges from $200 to $1500. It’s been found that Australian government spends around $235 million over fatal crashes due to driving.

Number Plate Exchanges

It is allowed to exchange number plates between the vehicles in Australia. You can exchange your number plate with your family, friends, a company, deceased, or employee. The exchange of a number plate is possible between the same types of vehicles, i.e. if it is a car then both vehicles should be a car. Both the vehicles should be registered. There are different corporate driver program and If you are exchanging number plates for some special number, then you must read the applicable terms and conditions to it. There are different set of rules for personalized plates and number only plates.

Number Plate Exchanges

Requirements for number plate exchange

There are certain requirements to be fulfilled before applying for number plate exchange, so be prepared with everything first and then visit service center. Also various driving School Signs available.

· Identity proof for both vehicle owners

· Registration certificate for both vehicles

· Details of both vehicle owners who are exchanging number plates and complete transfer/exchange form

· If an exchange is between a company and an employee then an authorization certificate from the company.

· If two companies are exchanging that both of them should issue a letter of authorization.

· If a deceased is involved, then a copy of the will or the order of the court is required.

Procedure for number plate exchange

Australian road and maritime board has simplified all processes, but still you need to know and follow the guidelines to get the desired number plate exchange.

· Transfer/Exchange number plate PDF form download online.

· Print and fill entire details of the form.

· Collect all documents as mentioned in the form.

· You have to visit a service center and submit your application.

Eligibility for number plate exchange

You have to check for eligibility criteria for number plate exchange on the official website of road and maritime services in Australia.

Corporate Driver Program

Payment Method for plate exchange

For number plate exchange, you have to make payments

· If you are transacting online or through phone banking then debit or credit card is accepted.

If you are reaching the service center and making payment by self then there are several options.

· Australian currency in cash

· Banking, personal and agency drawn Cheque.

· Money order

· Debit or Credit card (transaction fees of intermediary credit/debit card services may be applicable)

· Inquire prior for American Express card

For other details and queries you can always put in a comment or contact us. . Driving school in enfield is the best place for the learning driving. Visiting road and maritime online website is the solution to all questions while staying in Australia.

Car breakdown and self-maintenance

It is not necessary that everyone knows what to do exactly when their car breaks down. Many of them would simply sit back and call for help. But this situation can surely be avoided with a little pre-planning to ensure that you are not left stranded alone in the dark. It is very much necessary to have a basic idea of car maintenance or proper pre-preparation to keep yourself and family safe.

Like any other life incident, pre-planning and preparation is the key point. Car’s breakdown can be frustrating and scary, specifically if you are travelling along with young kids; however, you can do a little planning to make sure that you are not stranded in the dark.

Planning before the travel:

Before you set out to travel for a long journey or on a night journey, ensure that the basic maintenance on your car is updated. Check the water as well as oil on a regular basis. Also check the who provided Corporate Training. Ideally the stride should be 3mm, but the legal minimum is 1.6mm. Keep a car maintenance guide in your vehicle and known your dipstick from the drive shaft. Basic maintenance checks are very straightforward and simple in nature. On the other hand, avoiding to take a look underneath your car’s bonnet can ultimately lead you in a lot of problems.

Car breakdown and self-maintenance

There are also some extra checks in case of cold weather, which can be helpful in preventing a breakdown situation.

Go here if you ensure that you always have a packed breakdown requirements in the boot, which are season specific, however, do not over pack things that are not very important.

Essentials that you must include in your car at all times:

· If you are carrying a pregnant lady, always carry the details of your hospital and the hospital route as well, along with the contact details of the antenatal unit

Car maintenance

· A hovel if you have room

· De-icier, ice scraper or anti-freeze

· A red warning triangle

· Spare batteries along with a torch

· Food that is non-perishable, such as chocolate or sweets. Carry pre-prepared bottles of formula milk and plenty of bottled water if you are travelling with a baby

· A first aid kit

· Sun cream and sun hats

· Blankets

· A reflective jacket for night and fluorescent jacket for daytime

· Gloves and scarves and also rainproof and warm clothes

One of the most essential things in car repair is to have a car tool kit with you, ensure that you carry the tool kit with you at all times. If you wondering for learning driving then visit Hoxton Park driving school. Along with the car tool kit and a maintenance manual or guide you can efficiently repair your car, and if you need some assistance you can take help of nearby people or all your friends for help. Also, before you start your journey, make it certain that your breakdown cover is renewed. If your cover has crossed its expiry date then renew the existing policy.

Cheap interest rates have boosted luxury car sales

With the soaring high rates of houses, real estate market actually needs a lot of thought. Along with this, interest rates have gone down to a record breaking new low. This means it has become easier to purchase a car compared to anything else.

So now that you have already purchased a car 4 years ago and about to reach the end of the lease, then you are on the verge of receiving a good surprise.

The Ford or Holden you rented four years back could now get you into something with an extravagance identification with the monthly basis of repayments.

Majority people have good investments in homes so having a better position today compared to 4 years ago. This situation has given rise to better reliability of the people, which leads to easy approval of loans. The more your assets are, the more amount of loan can be approved. So, now is the time to get a bigger sum of money approved from the banks and need Safer Driving school Parramatta. Because of the lower interest rates, it comes out to be more investment in actual car rate. It directly implies to purchase of a higher range of cars.

Parramatta Driving school sydney

Some of the leading car vendors have agreed that because of the boost in the economy and lower interest rates, there has been a clear hike in the purchase of luxury cars this year.

Holidays in Australia

Sale of new cars has also increased by 2.5 percent. But the real winner, the trustable car of luxury brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes are enjoying the benefit of double digit sell growth. The Mercedes sell rate has increased by 19%, the highest of the 3 leaders. Audi selling rate has increased by 16 and BMW by 13%.

Because of the low interest rates, people are not taking advantage of the government tax break slab of $20,000 and actually going to purchase of higher range of car models. So the tax slab and depreciation advantage are not affected, when it comes to purchase of luxury brands. The real top brands such Ferrari, Lamborghini have recorded a recording breaking sell for the year.

advanced driver training

Some people are claiming that financial year end discounts are not that edgy to effect the idea of purchasing luxury brands. Even without the year end discount, the demand is all time high.

So now if you are planning to purchase a car and your budget is decent enough, you can choose advanced driver training for luxury brand car.

Even the interest rates have turned out to be beneficial for the people, who have never hoped to have one. If it has boosted sales of high end brands, just not so good financial condition people can also opt for model below $20000 to fulfill their desire of owning a car.

Federal Budget and purchase of new and old car

So, how does the new budget affect the purchase of old and new cars? Is it also intriguing you?

The government has made several changes in School holidays present depreciation rules. Under this rule, small businesses under 2 million dollars can claim a prompt expense conclusion on things bought that are esteemed up to $20,000 Inc GST.

From when it will get into effect?

It has already begun on Budget Night 2015 (Tuesday, twelfth May) and will keep running up until 30 June 2017.

How is it going to help with purchase of a car?

You need to have a small business with turnover less than $2 million.

If you fulfill this criteria, then you can definitely start looking for a car under $20,000 to be eligible for speedy depreciation.

Driving school parramatta

Is there anything specific for car purchase?

You can purchase any type of car. It can be either new or used. Suppose you need training then check Driving school in parramatta. It should be used for commercial purpose.

Be prepared to get offers from car sellers for the models up to $20,000 to attract buyers.

Any offers for cars above $20,000?

In case of selection of a car above $20,000 you can still get a deduction, but no accelerated depreciation.

This purchase will be considered under existing depreciation rules and the relevant taxes will be applicable.

Finance for small business and purchase of a car

So now that everything is clear and you have prepared your mind to purchase a car under $20,000. All you need is finance for same. Even if you purchase the car under a finance or not, you will be eligible for the tax break. Now, all you need is Defensive driver training for driving vehicles, seek out a loan and start enjoying a drive in a new car.

Just be cautious to ensure that the finance scheme ensures you to enjoy accelerated depreciation and does not make you stand out of exemptions.

Defensive driving

First learn the details of finance and then start selection of the car so that you don’t have to be disturbed to leave your choice if finance is not falling under the $20,000 limit.

The main points to remember

· You should be the owner of a small business with annual turnover under $2 million.

· Select a vehicle under $20,000 INC GST to enjoy a maximum tax deduction.

· Inquire about finance before selecting the car.

This article is an informative about the new federal budget and the clause through which you can purchase a new car or an old car under the budget of $20,000.

But it is always advisable to consult your financial advisor and tax advisor before taking any steps. Our article is no assurance of tax deducted or purchase.